About Us

CrossFit Unreal is unique training center located in Kensington, we are not a gym! We offer highly focused group training sessions in CrossFit, Tumbling & Acrobatics, Gymnastics and Olypmic Lifting. The center is open 7 days a week, all training is by appointment only.

Reasons for Training with us:

The main reason for using our services is because you, as a potential trainee, realise that your health and fitness should be one of the highest priorities in your life. You understand that we are not about pretenses or gimmicks or fads, that we believe in the integrity and honesty of true Strength and Fitness Training, and that all of our experience, knowledge and expertise will be utilised to help you achieve your goals.

We expect you to take your own health and fitness seriously because you understand that it will enhance and enrich your own quality of life. 'One body, One life'.

We take our Fitness Training seriously because it keeps us vital in the activities and pursuits we choose to participate in.